Leafling Curriculum and Teaching Methods

Putting Children and Families First

Leafling boy painting on an easel in the playground

Teachers at Leafling Preschool & Childcare Center spend much of their time observing the children at play, listening to their conversations, and asking open-ended questions in order to learn what interests or excites the children. This is a central feature of Emergent Curriculum.

The lesson plans posted in the classrooms generally reflect the children’s current interests, also incorporating activities which help the children develop critical skills. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible, depending on the tone of the group. For instance, if every child is restless and appears to need extra large-motor activity, we may head out to the playground early and revisit the planned activity later in the day. If sun is shining, we may bring our art project outside.


Leafling toddlers painting in class

Our weekly lesson plans usually include a main theme; daily concepts or focus; circle activities targeting language development and social interaction (books, songs, fingerplays, poetry, music and movement, etc); math or science activities (this can include pattern sequencing, sorting by shape/color/size, observations, or experiments); and an art/cooking/sensory project for each day of the week.

We always have a sensory bin with open-ended materials available to explore (rice and scoops, sand, water, ice, cotton balls and tongs, etc). The more academic aspects of our curriculum, such as writing practice and letter recognition, are always taught in a fun and developmentally appropriate manner, to honor each child’s natural desire to learn.

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